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Vine Kits is the only wine making and wine supply store in West Kelowna. We sell wine kits and accessories to make your own wine at home, but if you prefer, ask us to brew your wine in-store. Either way, our Vine Kits wine is cost effective and tailor made to produce quality batches of wine for all occasions. Wine can be customized and personalized, tailor made for each client.  Entrepreneur and store owner, Bill, grew up in the business and has the experience and knowledge to make every batch successful. Customer service is our top priority.

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Discover 80+ Varieties of Wine Kits to Choose From

VineCo offers an extensive selection of wine kits to choose from, with over 80 different varieties available. For those looking for a premium experience, the Estate Series kit offers a six-week winemaking process. The Original Series kit, on the other hand, has a four-week process and is perfect for those who are new to home winemaking. For those willing to wait a little longer for a more exceptional quality product, the Signature Series kit is an eight-week winemaking process. As you move up the ranks, higher-quality juice is used. With so many options to choose from, VineCo provides the perfect opportunity for those who want to elevate their home wine-making experience.

VineCo OriginalSeries Kit

Original Series (4 week kits)

VineCo EstateSeries D Box

Estate Series (6 week kits)

VineCo SignatureSeries D Box

Signature Series (6-8 week kits)

VineCo GlobalPassport Kit

Global Passport Series (6-8 week kits)

Winemaking Supplies

  • Primary Fermenters

  • Carboys

  • Air Locks & Rubber Stoppers

  • Spoons

  • Siphon Hoses & Racking Canes

  • Wine Thief Tools

  • Wine Hydrometers

  • Filter Pads

  • Wine Bottles & Corks

  • Bottle Cleaners & Sanitizers

  • Winemaking Additives

Get 30 bottles & corks for less – Plus bagged wines too!

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just getting into the hobby, we’ve got a great deal for you. We offer 30 bottles and corks for purchase, or you can bring your own. Our synthetic corks will help keep your wine fresh for longer, and if you’re not a fan of bottles we have bagged wine too. Each bladder can hold 4L and comes complete with a spout for easy dispensing. Come check out our selection today and start sipping in style!

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Love Wine, Love Life

Give winemaking a try. Drop in or call our Vine Kits store in West Kelowna to discuss your options.