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Choose Home or In-Store Wine Brewing

VineKits interior with wine glasses and equipment

It’s fun & easy to make wine with our wine kits!

Either buy your supplies and wine kit and take it home to make, or brew on-premise with us. If you are new at wine making, our knowledgeable staff will spend all the time you need to explain our different wine kits and the accessories you will need to make your first batch. We have dozens of Wine Kits in the store, ready for you to take away!

If brewing your wine at home seems too daunting a task, you can opt-in for our on-premise brewing. We charge a flat $50 fee for this service plus a $4.95 corkage fee.

Step By Step On-Premise Brewing:

  1. Choose your wine kit and sprinkle the yeast.
  2. Schedule your bottling appointment and return in 4 to 8 weeks, depending on your wine kit.
Wine Making Supplies West Kelowna

The Winemaking Process (what we do for you): 

  1. Sanitize primary fermenters.
  2. Allow juice to ferment for two weeks.
  3. Check the specific gravity before racking into carboy.
  4. Degass and stabilize wine.  
  5. Clear wine the following day (add sweetener if necessary)
  6. Filter wine on the 4th to 8th week (depending on the wine kit)
  7. Once filtration is complete, we will call to arrange your bottling appointment.

Bottle and Pickup Your Wine

  1. Upon arrival at Vine Kits, you may park in our designated loading zone located at the rear entrance.
  2. We will clean and sterilize your 30 bottles in our automatic bottle washer.
  3. The wine is then bottled and corked at the bottling station.
  4. For a more sophisticated look we offer labelling and shrink wrapping for an extra fee.
  5. Take wine home and enjoy.

The whole process takes up to 30 minutes per batch.

Use our winery equipment to complete the process (automatic bottle washers and fillers, corker and shrink top machine).

Wine Making Supplies West Kelowna

Wine Making FAQs



More questions?

Give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss winemaking with you. It’s our passion!